Life Long Youthfulness Through Rasayan and Vajjikaran

                          Ayurveda is essentially "Life Science". It is Atharvaveda's Upveda. It states that proper co-ordination between body, soul, senses, and mana is age. Basic purpose of life is achievement of Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha, and to achieve these, one needs to have sound health. Strict pursuance of diet and habits laid out in the ancient texts by saints and seers ensures long and healthy life. Ayurveda has eight parts viz. Shalya, Shalakya, Kaaya Chikitsa, Bhoot Vidha, Koumaar Bhritya, Angad Tantra, Rasayan Tantra and Vaajikaran Tantra. Winter season is usually associated with Rasayan and Vaajikaran. Rasayan medicines are those that assist in having long life, sharp memory, healthy body, glowing skin and vitality. They not only provide good health to body but also to mana. This happens when evil thoughts of anger, jealousy, fear etc fade away and positive thoughts emerge, which assist in yoga. Ancient saints have outlined two methods to consume Rasayan. Internal Treatment: - This mode means consuming the medicine internally and allowing it to be absorbed in the body. The aim of this mode of Rasayan intake is to safeguard the person from sunlight, air etc, during the period of Rasayan treatment. This is indeed a favored method, but imposes a very difficult condition for the common man in today's materialistic world to achieve. External Application : This mode of Rasayan intake is just suited to present day needs. On Vaajikaran, Ayurveda elaborates on it in detail. The word Vaajikaran is formed using 2 words, "Vaaji" meaning horse and "karan" means one, who does it. Vaajikaran comprises of medicines that provide man with energy like that of a horse, to please a woman and turn her into his sweetheart. A man with a healthy body is Vaajikaran. Purpose of Vaajikaran is to resolve the problems in men and women related to childlessness and to maintain the natural equilibrium. This technique was put to misuse by the kings and emperors during the Moghul period for they utilized it only to infuse sexual desire and vitality. Ayurveda Samihitas mention this technique in terms of enhancing the sexual power, however its purpose can be better analyzed under following sub heads - Increasing the sperm count : Main objective of Vaajikaran is not to provide enhanced temporary sexual pleasure but to restore permanency and complete vitality power in men. To enhance the sexual power and provide it stability, increasing the sperm count is a must. It is the specialty of Ayurvedic solutions that lead to increase in sperm count. It also leads to increase in Rasa, Ratadi Dhatu etc, further leading to total increase in power. Sperm is considered to be synonym of vitality as once the body becomes strong, sexual pleasures would follow. Securing a natural balance of Kama Shakti : Whatever food we eat, the last Dhatu to be processed is Shukra. Several factors like jealousy, fear, sorrow, malnutrition, excessive sex, old age and prolonged illness are responsible for declined sexual power. Usually a person indulges in excessive sexual pleasures between 20-40 years of age, so it is advisable to use Vaajikaran for increasing the sperm count to maintain the balance. If one is consuming Vaajikaran between 40-60 years of age, then he does not face problem of decline in sexual power and his natural energy in sex is maintained. Deformities in Kama : Low sperm-count, lack of flow, early ejaculation structural abnormalities of penis etc can be checked only through Vaajikaran. Various solutions of Vaajikaran enable a person to perform sexually well. Childbirth : According to sacred scriptures, childbirth is the ultimate aim to fulfill the nature's norms. Sexual intercourse between man and woman results in childbirth. Through proper use of various solutions of Vaajikaran, problems related to childbirth can be resolved. Vaajikaran not only enhances the sexual power, but also the body-strength. Societal management : With proper utilization of Vaajikaran solutions, sexual power of a person is increased manifold. When he indulges in sexual activity then both man and woman are satisfied and are at peace. There is no scope for evil thoughts like fear, jealousy etc. A satisfied couple contributes in their own way for growth of society. Vaajikaran medicines can be taken in two forms : Internal usage i.e. consuming medicines orally and External usage i.e. application of various preparations like powder, paste, massage of body with various herbal oils through the prescribed procedures. It is advisable to take Rasayan medicines between 40-45 years of age and Vaajikaran medicines during 21-25 years. Winter season is considered to be the best for intake of these medicines as they benefit the body immediately. Vaajikaran medicines prepared by Jamna Pharmaceuticals are very popular for their good positive effects. Medicines are prepared both for men & women. The medicines for men are available for physical weakness, early ejaculation, impotency and less sperm count. One may take J P Ashwagandha Pak 5 gm, JP 007 Tablet - 2 and JP Kshamata Tablet - 2 in the mornings and evenings, with milk. Also, J P Aaram Churna - 2 tsf with lukewarm water at night at bedtime every alternate day may be taken in case of constipation. For loose penis and impotency due to masturbation, it is recommended to use Orgy Massage Oil for massaging the penis, leaving glance penis, in the morning and evening, with light hands. These medicines are advised for a period of at least four months, during which intake of sour eatables must be avoided. In case of women, Jamna Pharmaceuticals prepare medicines to resolve problems related to all abnormalities of menstruation, irregularity of periods, stomach and back ache, under-developed breasts, decline in sexual desire, childlessness etc: Recommended medicines are: - Mix J P Supari Pak - 5 gm, J P Pushtikar Tablet - 2 and J P Kshamata Tablet - 2, take this dosage in the morning and evening with milk. Also, J P Aaram Churna - 2 tsf may be taken with lukewarm water at night at bedtime every alternate day, in case of constipation. In case of small, under-developed and loose breasts, one may apply J P Grace Massage Oil. Take this oil in the palms and massage it with light hands on the breasts in an upward movement for 5-10 minutes in the mornings and nights. These medicines must be taken for at least four-month period and intake of sour eatables during the period of medication must be avoided.