Man and his declining Sexual Power Analysis and Treatment

                          Ailments that occur due to decline in Shukra Dhatu are called Dhaturoga. It is well known that from the food we consume seven Dhatus namely Rasa, Rakta, Maansa, Meda, Asthi, Majja and Shukra are gradually formed. Thus, this Shukra Dhatu is an abstract of all preceding Dhatus. Due to lack of proper nutrition to the body, the process of formation of all these Dhatus gets hampered and gradually declines. Chronic fever, Tuberculosis, Diabetes and such other ailments lead to decline in Dhatus, which finally leads to decline of Shukra Dhatu. Besides, there are two other factors that lead to decline of Shukra; excessive sexual intercourse and unnatural sex (masturbation etc). A person, who leads a disciplined life maintains a good stock of Shukra, which does not end up very easily. But a person, who indulges in masturbation and unnatural sex during his young age and destroys his Shukra, becomes victim of sexual diseases like nightfall, early ejaculation, prameha etc. The maximum amount of Shukra is formed during the pre-puberty stage and its misuse at that age leads to its exhaustion. It's basically a two-way loss since already formed Shukra gets destroyed and secondly, the process of formation of Shukra also gets hampered. A balanced diet to some extent may compensate the process, but when condition goes worse then medication is required. According to Ayurveda, Shukra is the abstract of all other Dhatus. The decline of Shukra reflects a decline of all other Dhatus. It tends to produce symptoms like anemia, dizziness, loss of appetite, acidity, palpitation, debility, emaciation etc. According to modern medical science, Shukra is produced in testicles and some hormones essential for growth and development are also produced by testis. With decline of Shukra, these hormones are also affected. All this results in debility of nervous system & nerve fibers and the person gets irritated very easily. Penis is basically composed of three elongated masses of erectile tissues out of which two right and left masses are situated longitudinally beside the median mass. The median mass is traversed by urethra. Its terminal part is expanded to form a conical enlargement called glans penis. Due to criss-cross arrangement of muscle fibres, small hollow spaces are formed in between. On stimulation, the muscle fibers of these masses get constricted and as the blood floods in, get enlarged, finally leading to erection of penis. Excessive intercourse or masturbation leads these muscle fibers to become flaccid, as a result, a person fails to get complete erection. Shukra related ailments occur when Shukra is destroyed before its complete formation. However, this can be cured with a balanced diet and medicinal treatment. The major Shukra related Ailments include: l Nightfall l Prameha l Early Ejaculation l Impotency Nightfall Erection and then ejaculation while sleeping due to an arousing dream like kissing, hugging or intercourse with a female is called Nightfall. People who masturbate often face this problem frequently. In case of married men, this problem may surface in the absence of the wife. But this, to some extent, is normal. Similarly in case of youths, nightfall once or twice in a month is quiet natural and should not be taken as problematic issue. Prameha Prameha is a problem when Shukra falls out along with urine or while exerting pressure for passing stool; in some extreme cases, Shukra keeps flowing out. If the problem of nightfall is not treated well in time then it develops into Prameha and it symbolizes weakness of Shukra. In this disease, nerves controlling Shukra become weak and flaccid. Early Ejaculation In this problem, semen is ejaculated during the early stage of sexual intercourse, leaving both the partners unsatisfied. This problem reduces the duration of sexual intercourse and finally ejaculation occurs even before the intercourse. In later stages, it so happens that ejaculation occurs even while hugging or kissing the woman. This problem can have a disastrous effect on the married life since the husband would become relaxed after early ejaculation but the wife yet excited, would remain helplessly unsatisfied. Repeated occurrence of this problem leads to hysteria, neurasthenia etc. Pain and tension due to this problem leads to several physical ailments in future. Basically, all the above-mentioned ailments are the various stages of one ailment with the major causative being low sperm count and weakness. All these problems together work towards creating impotency. Impotency Ayurvedic texts call it "Klivata" or “Klevya”. According to Ayurvedic Text Bhavprakash, a man who is not capable of having sex with woman is called "Klive". Maharshi Charak mentions four, Sushruta mentions five while Bhavprakash mentions seven types of impotency. For simplicity, we analyze impotency under five heads. General Impotency : Some deformity is present in male genital organ since birth, which incapacitates a man from having sex. The male genitals have two main parts, namely, penis and the testicles. Impotency due to the former is of two types; first is the one which is medically curable and the person, after surgery, can indulge in sexual activity while the second is that of under-developed penis. This is a permanent deformity and is incurable. Abnormalities due to testicles that may lead to impotency are also of two types: - l When the testicles are totally absent or are under-developed. Such is the case with eunuchs and no cure is possible. l The second is improper or deficient development of testicles, which is curable with hormonal therapy. However some men are sexually capable but they fail to support cause of childbirth due to very low sperm count and thus do not fall in the category of being impotent. Impotency due to various diseases Genitals' related ailments such as penile wound, orchitis, syphilitic or gonorrhoeal orchitis, hypotrophy of testis etc, which if not treated properly, may completely ruin the cells producing Shukra and lead to impotency. Diseases like chronic fever, convulsions during fever, severe anemia, diabetes etc if not treated properly may also lead to impotency. Senile Impotency : With age, all the Dhatus of the human body start declining and so does Shukra. The decline of Shukra is faster as compared to other Dhatus and as a result, men fail to get erection. Even if it does, it is for a very short duration and it lacks stability. There is no fixed age limit for impotency. Usually, people who suffer from prolonged illness or who have consistent pain, tension, sorrow etc during their life, who do excessive mental labour, do not follow fixed diet and life style, the aging process is faster and consequently the impotency. On the other hand, people who remain healthy, pursue seasonal diet and lifestyle strictly and are free from pain, tension, sorrow etc during their life, their aging process is slow and they are sexually active till the age of 65-70. Mental Impotency : People suffering from psychological disorders or have too much of tension, pain and sorrow, fail to get excited while having sex. Even if some people have a sense of respect or hatred for a woman, then also he fails to get excited. Shyness, guilt, temporary fear etc are some other factors that work towards mental impotency. Mental impotency cannot be cured with medication, and psychological treatment is the only way out. In such cases, psychiatrist should first try to cure the problem that caused the impotency. Shukra-kshay related Impotency : Due to lack of proper treatment, problems like Nightfall, Prameha and early Ejaculation gradually occur; these are mainly the outcome of wrong acts done by an individual during the childhood. The Shukra-kshay related impotency occurs due to excessive masturbation, sexual intercourse etc. In this kind of impotency, the desire is there but penis fails to achieve erection. Due to Shukra-kshay, nerves of the penis become flaccid and fail to give erection to penis. This is a very rare kind of impotency and in most of the cases it is mental impotency. Usually, people are victims of early ejaculation, which can be easily cured with proper diet and medical treatment. Medicinal Treatment Nightfall, Prameha and Impotency are the various stages of one ailment called Shukra-kshay. These problems go on increasing with time due to improper treatment and the last stage is impotency. In all these stages, line of treatment is more or less the same, however medication should be decided keeping in view the region, climatic conditions and stamina of the patient. Ayurvedic practitioners should keep in mind the following facts: - l Try to find the cause of Shukra-kshay and treat it. Encourage the patient to give up the habit of unnatural sex or masturbation as in such a condition even medication would not give the desired effect. l Always recommend a balanced, easily digestible and nutritious diet and avoidance of stimulating substances' consumption. Being vegetarian is the mantra. l Keeping in view the mental state of the patient, medicines should be administered. l Rasayan medicines, which assist in enhancing the power of body parts like, brain, nerves, heart, liver, digestive system etc should be used. l Vaajikaran medication is also expected to be used as it enhances the sexual power and assists in erection of the organ. l The most important fact is that the person suffering from Shukra-kshay will have very low sexual desire. He should keep himself occupied in Satsang, reading religious scriptures or performing social work. He should avoid isolation and with all his patience should work towards preventing the destruction of Shukra. With proper diet, one can easily work towards rectifying Shukra-related impotency. Ayurveda is a storehouse of medicines, which enhances the sexual potential of man, however proper diet and discipline are equally important. Medication of Shukra-related abnormalities can be studied under three heads: - Pramehanashak : This line of medicine enhances the sperm count and resolves the problem of nightfall. Rasayan : These are medicines, which provide strength to the body and slow down the aging process. These medicines also enhance the sperms and increase sexual power of the person. It also helps in increasing the duration of sexual intercourse. Vaajikaran : These medicines provide sexual power like that of a horse to a man and help him in enjoying all pleasures. While treating Shukra-related problems, usage of intoxicating substances like opium etc should be avoided. Such substances may increase the duration of sexual pleasure however their effect is temporary. Long-term use of such substances is very harmful for health.