Shukrameh (Nightfall)

                          Analysis & Treatment Kaviraj Dr. S. K. Maheshwari Discharge of semen from male genitalia while asleep is described as Nightfall or Swapandosha. However, modern scientists consider nightfall as part of natural process, which usually happens due to male hormones. Usually the phenomenon is witnessed in young boys in the age group of 18 to 30 years. Hot climatic condition of India often contributes to an early occurrence of this problem in the boys. Modern practitioners, who consider bedwetting of boy or youth while asleep as a disease, ironically call " Nightfall as a natural process". Origin of Ayurveda dates back to the process of origin of life on this planet. According to Ayurveda, diet or food that is consumed by human beings finally gets converted to Shukra Dhatu. Shukra is the extract of food. According to Ayurveda, afetr digestion of food, Ras, Rakta, Manns, Meda and Shukra Dhatus are gradually formed. These Dhatus are seven in number and stabilise the body. Each Dhatu has its individual and unique energy & effects. Shukra is the seventh and final Dhatu. It has been called " Life" in Ayurveda. So it is important for each and everyone to safeguard the Shukra for a healthy body and a healthy child. Causes for Nightfall The most important reason is masturbation. Besides western culture, negligence of parents and lack of sex education are some of the other causatives. With growing age and hormonal changes, as the genitals of young boys develop, they get curious towards them. During that phase whatever they gather from the friends is considered to be their sex education. Reading porn literature, watching exciting scenes on television, tight fitting and vulgar dress of the present day youth. Proximity and closeness amongst working men and women, co-education, fashion shows, indecent advertisement etc are other factors which have a negative impact on the minds of youths. Remembering all this, their sexual organ becomes erect and they are forced to masturbate. This leads to wastage of shukra. Consumption of fast food, non-vegetarian diet, smoking, consumption of liquor and other intoxicating products like opium, bhang, cocaine etc, also leads to erection and diverts the mind of the person towards masturbation. According to Charak Samhita, there are eight causes of secretion of semen from male genitalia: - q Visual Pleasures (derived by looking at attractive and favourite female) q Desire (feeling to possess that female) q Quality of movement in Shukra q Quality of heaviness q Presence of shukra in whole body in minute form. q Due to instant urge shukra secretes from the genitalia q Charak considers shukra as "AATMA" soul, which will ultimately take birth as child. Now a days, tendency of aping the west, improper fast food and incorrect diet, recalling the day's work, checking the flow of natural processes, tension, dreaming about female body, touching her or having sex leads to ejaculation during sleep since moving out is also one of the qualities of shukra. So the process of getting excited and ejaculating while sleeping is Shukrameh or nightfall. If proper and timely medication is not taken and a person suffers from this problem for long duration then it could lead to very detrimental results. Symptoms of the disease Pain in body parts, laziness, lack of concentration, anemia, tiredness, pain in joints, gastric troubles, constipation, emaciation, dull face, indigestion and no growth despite intake of proper diet etc are some of the symptoms of the disease. Prevention Exercising self-discipline, controlling sexual thoughts, eating nutritious vegetarian diet, remembering god throughout the day, feeling of respect for parents, guru, elders, saints and seers etc helps to develop positive attitude and good habits. A balanced diet having balance of all rasas makes one healthy, taking diet based on any one rasa should be avoided. Fasting once a week is beneficial. Regular bathing, keeping oneself clean, morning walk and daily exercises will ensure flow of positive energy. Avoid watching or reading porn literature or movies and remember god while going to bed. Medicinal treatment for Nightfall q Pramehantak tablet, Shukrashodhan tablet and Livo tablet - 2 each, in the morning and evening, with milk mixed with sugar candy. Ensure to eat something before taking the medicines. q Jeriran Syrup - 2 tsf twice a day, after meals. q Light Massage with 5 drops of Orgy Massage Oil on the region leaving glance penis and scrotum, will be beneficial q J P Aaram Churna - 2 tsf with lukewarm water, at bedtime, daily. It is recommended to take the above mentioned medication till the problem is solved completely.