Yoga to Boost Your Sex Life

                          Ancient saints and seers have divided human life span into four stages. First stage Brahmacharya accounts for Studies, second for Family Life to be followed by Fulfilling Responsibilities as the third stage and finally the Old Age. There are two paths of leading the life, one is Yoga and the other is Bhoga. As most of us cannot be Yogis, it's the other path we pursue. Today "Bhoga" is being interpreted in a very different manner by our youth and has been confined just to the sexual satisfaction. In a broad sense, it connotes merely complete enjoyment of all the worldly pleasures. According to the ancient saint Bhartrahari, Bhoga never ends, Bhogi does. So a man should seek solace in Yoga Marg for it has the power to ensure complete enjoyment of Bhoga Marg. Sex and Beauty Each one of us expects a beautiful partner for sex, beautiful not only in physical appearance, but also health wise and spiritually. Healthy Body signifies - Long, dark & black hair, shining eyes, broad forehead, glowing face, attractive neck, broad chest, balanced body and everything of such kind that is a must for being perfect. All this is possible, only through "YOGA". One of the ailment, that creates problem in sex is emaciation, this comes only due to improper diet, defective digestive system and prolonged illness. Weak nerves, physical and mental pain etc are some other causatives for physical weakness. Prameha - This is a very severe kind of disease, which can occur due to improper sexual practice. At times it is hereditary also. Underdeveloped Body - This is an ailment generated by adopting improper social practices. The girls and boys are married at a tender age. Due to this, sex instead of being Bhoga turns into Roga. Sex and Medicines - Some people resort to liquor, opium, Bhanga etc for sexual arousal. They cause a lot of harm to human body for while they are successful in creating temporary excitement, in the long run, they prove to be very harmful to the body. At times, these substances cause changes in the behavior pattern of individuals, sometimes even turning them into barbarian. Yogic Asanas can bestow the capacity to provide complete enjoyment to a person without any side effects. Role of Yoga Yoga means "Total". It helps to create a totality of body and mana, which jointly provides man the complete satisfaction. It creates a balance between body and soul, which enables a person to enjoy worldly pleasures. Asans very Beneficial in Sex Practicing Yoga early in the morning helps you to remain fresh throughout the day. It keeps your body fit and also empowers you to enjoy sex by enhancing your vitality. Above all, it helps in checking various ailments. Here, we mention few such Asanas: - Bhujangasana: It benefits the chest and lungs, besides making the arms strong, it helps in strengthening the muscles of the Pelvic region. Surya Namaskar: It is done in 10 stages and all the body parts benefit from this Asana. It keeps the private parts of men and women healthy and strong. However, this Asana is prohibited during menstruation and pregnancy. Uttaanpadasana: From the abdominal region, it helps to reduce the flab, which often causes hindrance in sexual pleasure. It is also very beneficial in abnormalities related to menstruation. Pawanmuktasana: It helps to reduce the flab around the stomach and checks problems like early ejaculation and those related to testicles. Sarwaangasana: This is the most important Asana after "Shirshaasan". It eliminates all vaginal problems completely. It enhances semen and vitality in men and makes the body beautiful. Matsyaasana: It is very beneficial in all stomach related ailments and also makes the spinal cord flexible. Practicing this Asana cures the pain in legs, which often occurs after sexual intercourse. Janusiraasana: It empowers the male and female genital organs. Supta Vajraasana: It makes the vaginal area of women strong so that they do not face much problem during pregnancy. Utkataasana: It flushes power in the legs and checks vaginal infections in women. Siddhaasana: This Asana is very beneficial for men since it checks problems like early ejaculation, nightfall, prameha etc. It also helps in enhancing the sperm count. Chakraasana: It enables a person to prolong the foreplay during sex and makes the hands and legs very powerful. Hridyastambhaasana: This Asana makes private parts very strong. In this manner we can say that Yoga is highly beneficial for proper enjoyment of all worldly pleasures. By practicing these Asanas, we all can lead a healthy life.