Dealing with Masturbation related Abnormalities

                          Some Tips to liberate oneself from the grip of Masturbation l Be in the company of good people with positive thoughts. l Avoid isolation, as company of a friend or relative keeps a check on one's mind. l Wear undergarment while taking bath. l Read good literature and keep yourself busy, as empty mind is devil's workshop. l Meditation provides relief to an individual and prevents wandering of mind. l Open the windows for proper ventilation while sleeping and do not watch obscene films or read obscene literature. l Practice regularly Yoga and Pranayam. l Avoid spicy food. l Even if you end up masturbating, avoid feeling of guilt. l Parents need to be cautious about the changes in their child and support them by spending time with them. l Do not sleep naked and do not keep pillow by your side. l Keep away from rumors and cheap medication. As per the law of the nature, all beings have a natural urge or desire for sex. This is also a must for continuity of life on earth. The natural coitus enhances the fat and flaccid the muscles of the body but unnatural sex is harmful and is an open invitation to various ailments. Masturbation is one of the most common problems, which is fast developing among the youths as a fashion. Around 70% of the people are in the grip of this problem. It has been noticed that in majority of early-ejaculation cases, the person has been masturbating. Masturbation being an unnatural way of seeking satisfaction, chances of leading to impotency are very high. This is often described as "Isolation Sex" as a person masturbates as soon as he finds himself alone. As soon as any boy crosses the age of 14 years, hormonal glands called "Gonads" gets active and as a result the voice turns coarse and the hair on the body such as beard, moustache and pubic hair start growing. With formation of semen in the body, the sexual urge get stronger. These hormones are basically "Testosterone". With these changes in the male body, attraction towards opposite sex increases manifold. Often when these sexually illiterate youths listen to tales narrated by their friends about pleasures derived through masturbation, they get fascinated to do the same. The pleasure in masturbation ends with ejaculation, but it often results in guilt. With repeated masturbation, the youth gets very weak psychologically and as a result he faces multiple problems. l He cannot concentrate on his studies. l His mind is overloaded with sexually arousing thoughts. l Face turns glow-less, dull and dry. l He develops dark circles around his eyes. l He gets irritated very easily and due to guilt, his retention power declines. l Penis gets tilted and becomes flaccid. l Repeated process leads to problems like dizziness and anemia. l It leads to early ejaculation and finally impotency. l He starts facing problem of nightfall and low blood pressure. l He looses his stamina and gets tired very easily. l He feels very weak and has constant body ache. l He starts preferring isolation. l Early ejaculation may ruin married life and add on to mental tension. l Digestive system gets weak. l He starts getting dissatisfied with his life and feels frustrated. Medical Treatment for Masturbation related Abnormalities Do not get worried seeing the tilted penis, just stop masturbating. For problem of early ejaculation, take following medication : l Prepare powder by mixing Mullethi and Shatawari in equal proportions. Take 1 tsf of this powder in the morning and evening with cold milk for a period of 3 months. l Prepare powder by mixing Nagkeshar, Dhaipushpa and sugar candy powder in equal proportions. Take 1 tsf of this powder in the morning and evening with cold milk on empty stomach for 3 months. l In case of constipation, take powder of choti Harad 10 g two hours after dinner. This will ensure smooth motion and assist in resolving the problem of early ejaculation. l Heat on slow flame, well mixed onion juice 200 g and honey 100 g. Remove it from flame when only honey is left and add 100 g of Safed Musli powder and store it in a glass bottle. Consumption of 1 tsf of this paste daily helps in dealing with problems due to masturbation. l In case of excessive loss of semen and sperms due to masturbation, take Ashwagandha Mool powder, Safed Musli powder and Babool Beans powder in equal proportion. Mix it well. Add to this mix, half the proportion of sugar candy powder. Take 10 g of this powder daily in the morning and evening with cold milk for 3 months. l Roughly mash 20 g of dry Peepal bark and place it on low flame with 200 g of milk and equal quantity of water. Heat it till only 200 g remains. Drink this milk every night for a minimum period of 1 month for relief from problem of early ejaculation. l For a permanent solution from the problem of early ejaculation, take Almond 100 g, Khaskhas 25 g, Cardamom 5 g and Sugar Candy 50 g. Prepare powder and store it safely in a bottle with a tight cork. Take 1 tsf of this powder daily in the morning and evening. l In Panchkarma treatment, practice of Shirodhara, Anuvaasan Vasti and Stambhan Vasti is advisable. l In case of impotency, usage of Amlaki Rasayan and even Vaajikaran preparations is very beneficial. Medicines effective in abnormalities related with masturbation l Take J.P. Sootshekhar Ras, Pramehantak Tablet and Shukra Shodhan Tablet - 2 each in the morning with milk. l J.P. 007 Tablet and Vimtone Tablet - 2 each in the evening with milk. l Jeriran Syrup - 2tsf after meals. l Take J.P. Aaram Churna - 2 tsf at night at bedtime only with lukewarm water thrice a week. l Take 5 drops of Orgy Massage Oil and massage the penis with light hands leaving the testicles and glans penis.