Hormonal Secretion

                          & Sexual Problems Lack of sex education in our country is supporting existence of several myths and resulting into sexual problems. It is impossible to have a right estimate of the number of victims of sexual problems in our country as majority of them hide their problem or believe in consulting quacks. Sex is the basic requirement of all living beings and it is essential to maintain the life cycle. The western culture is open and imparts sex education to its young generation. But we are silent on this essential aspect of being. Lack of sex education in our country is supporting existence of several myths and resulting into sexual problems. It is impossible to have a right estimate of the number of victims of sexual problems in our country as majority of them hide their problem or believe in consulting quacks. Men face several kinds of sexual problems like early ejaculation, impotency, less sperm count in semen etc. Disinterest in sex or impotency may be due to several factors. It usually so happens that the men get their sex education either from their friends or substandard literature available in the market, due to which they develop several myths. When they fail to perform as per their expectations after marriage, they feel guilty which further affects their potency. The most important reason for sexual problems like early ejaculation, impotency etc is tension and stress. When men become conscious about the sexual performance, they are scared and this often results into early ejaculation. A broad estimate would put the number of impotent people as fairly large and increasing tremendously. Hormonal Imbalance is responsible to a large extent for sexual problems. Based on excess or low secretions of various hormones by the different endocrine glands, sexual behavior and development of genital organs are affected. Problems related to Testicles in men For whatever reasons, in men, when testes fail to secrete testosterone hormone, effects are visible as declined sexual urge, impotency, incomplete erection of penis, low sperm count, early ejaculation, etc. These problems surface also in case of injury to the testicles, infection caused to them, also due to ailments like mumps, leprosy, change in chromosomes, harmful effect of radiation etc. Problems related to Ovaries in women In women, if the ovaries do not function properly, secretion of hormones like estrogen and progesterone are affected. Sexual desire does not change but they have an early menopause. Change also takes place in the vagina for it tends to remain dry due to which women experience pain during sexual intercourse. Such women fail to conceive. Hyposecretion from Pituitary gland Pituitary Gland is situated in the brain. It keeps a check on the various endocrine glands by secreting various hormones. If during childhood, the secretion from pituitary gland is less, the growth of the child is hampered and the child remains dwarf; his genitals also remain underdeveloped. In adults, low hormonal secretion leads to disinterest in sex. In men, complete erection might not be absent and problem of early ejaculation may also surface. In some extreme cases, such persons may even turn impotent. In case of women, there is disinterest in sex. Such women fail to reach orgasm. If such women conceive then after delivery they fail to lactate. In some cases, even menstruation stops or is very irregular. It may even lead to sterility. Hypersecretion from Pituitary Gland If due to tumor or any other cause, pituitary gland secretes growth hormone in excess since childhood, then a person suffers from Acromegaly disease while hyper secretion of growth hormone in adults leads to Gigantism. In case of females, the menstrual cycle may stop or become very irregular. If the secretion of prolactin hormone is in excess then the females may lactate even if they have not delivered. Excessive secretion of hormone in men results in decline in sexual interest. Around 30-40 % of people turn impotent due to this problem. Hyperthyroidism Thyroid Gland is situated in front of the windpipe and secretes thyroxine hormone. This hormonal secretion is essential for mental and physical development, besides development of genital organs. The hormone also controls energy production and various other chemical processes. In males, excessive secretion of this hormone due to problems of thyroid or pituitary gland, in 10-20% of the cases show no visible effects, while in 30-40% cases decline in sexual interest is noticed. In case of some women, increased hormonal levels lead to increased sexual desire, sexual behavior may change and irregularity in menstrual cycle and sterility may be noticed. Fear of abortion is always present, if in case, such women conceive. Hypothyroidism Iodine deficiency and various thyroid diseases lead to hypothyroidism. If the problem exists since childhood, then physical and mental development is affected. Genitals do not develop properly and it often results into impotency. This problem is called "Cretinism". Lack of this hormone in adults results into Myxedema disease, with several other problems. In 80% of the cases, sexual power declines. Men fail to get complete erection and they turn impotent as the sperm count in their semen also declines. 'Myxedema' afflicted women fail to reach orgasm, turn frigid and in most cases, fail to conceive. Menstrual abnormality and weight gain also occurs. Hypersecretion from Adrenal Gland (Cushing's Syndrome) Adrenal gland is situated at the upper part of kidney and it produces Cortisone, Aldesterone and sex steroid hormones. If Adrenal Gland secretes cortisone in excess then it leads to thickening of neck and thinning of arms and legs. In women, menstruation stops or flow of menstrual blood is very scanty. Women fail to conceive easily while in case of men it leads to decline in sexual desire, impotency, early ejaculation etc. Hyposecretion of Adrenal Hormone (Addison's Disease) Deficiency of cortisone and Aldesterone hormones in women results in decline of sexual desire, failure to reach orgasm etc. In men it leads to weakness, tiredness, lack of sexual interest, impotency, early ejaculation etc. Excessive Secretion of Sex hormone from Adrenal Gland Generally the gland produces testosterone and estrogen hormone in very limited quantity. In case it produces more of testosterone in women, then they start developing beard, moustache and hair all over their body. Their voice becomes coarse and the size of their clitoris increases, besides, the size of their breast reduces and sexual desire declines or ends. If there is excessive estrogen hormone in men, then their sexual interest declines, erection becomes very difficult, there is no beard & moustache and skin becomes soft. Men may even turn impotent and size of their breast would increase while that of testicles reduce, and sperm formation also reduce in accordance. Less secretion of Insulin from Pancreas (Diabetes) Due to inadequate production of insulin from pancreas and its improper utilization by the tissues, blood glucose level tends to rise leading to Diabetes. Diabetics may develop several sexual problems. They may complain of impotency and with time sexual problems might start getting complicated. They may face problem of early ejaculation and improper erection. It also happens with some diabetics that their semen does not come out while ejaculating and remain in the urethra. With so many problems, men fail to enjoy sexual intercourse. Diabetic women, with time, loose interest in sex and they fail to be an active partner during sex. Their vagina remains very dry despite stimulation and they become vulnerable to infections, which are not easily curable.