Problem : -

I am facing problem of constipation for past 10-12 years. I feel a burning sensation and pain during motion, at times, problem of bleeding is also there. I also face problem of constant headache, uneasiness and tiredness. Please suggest me suitable treatment.

Solution : -

Constipation is one of the major reasons for piles. Besides, prolonged sitting in one position, controlling motion or urination, uncomfortable bed, excessive intake of liquor, pregnancy etc are some of the precipitators of piles. You need to take Pyracon Tablet-2 each, in the morning and evening with lukewarm water. After meals, take Livo Syrup-2 tsp. Also take J.P. Aaram Churna-2 tsf daily with lukewarm water at bedtime in the night only. Apply J.P. Kasisadi Oil in the anal region daily, after motion. Strictly avoid controlling pressure of motion, excessive traveling, intake of mango, banana, bel, spices, beans, liquor, bitter-sour products etc. Intake of rice, porridge, curd, butter, cream, ghee, bathua, radish, onion, pomegranate, oranges, amla etc is suggested.
Nasal Bleeding
Problem : -

I am 26-year-old youth working as marketing executive. I face the problem of nasal bleeding round the year. This problem gets aggravated in the months of summer. Due to excessive bleeding I feel very weak. I have to do a lot of fieldwork and this problem is making it impossible.

Solution : -

You need to take J.P. Prawal Panchamrit Ras (MauktikYukt) 7.5 gm, J.P. Sootshekhar Ras 10 gm, J.P. Kamdudha Ras (Sada) 10 gm and Giloi Satva 10 gm. Mix & mash them together and prepare a powder. Divide this powder into 60 equal portions. Take one portion each in the morning and evening with J.P. Gulkand. Prepare a solution by mixing Jeriran Syrup and Ushirasav, 2 tsp each and take it after meals. In case of constipation, take J.P. Aaram Churna 2 tsf with lukewarm water, at bedtime at night only. Massage your head daily with J.P. Bhringraj Taila. Avoid intake of oily, spicy and non-vegetarian food. Take these medicines for first 25 days and continue for another 75 days if you feel the change.

Darshan Gupta, Agra
Problem : -
I have an 8-year-old son, who has a habit of bed-wetting. He is very thin and good diet does not affect him in a positive way. He often complaints of stomachache and itching in anal region. Please suggest me a suitable treatment.
Solution : -
Excessive intake of sweet products like jaggery, lassi, sherbat, etc results in growth of worms in the stomach. This is the reason why your child suffers from problem of bed-wetting. You need to give him Kremicorn Syrup-2 tsp, after meals. Also give Kremikuthar Ras and Livo Tablet-1 each after meals. Intake of wheat, rice, moong dal, bitter gourd, garlic, heeng, mustard oil, raw banana etc is very beneficial.

Loss of Memory
Problem :
I am 32 years old lady with two children. My problem is, that my elder son, who is 12 years old, has a very weak memory. He is not able to remember whatever he studies. His memory is so weak that he forgets after keeping his own books and other things. I have tried several medicines, but there is no relief. Please help me out as it is affecting his studies and his future.

Solution :
Give following medicines to your child for 15 days and if you notice any change then continue them for next 60 days. Give one Smaran Capsule in the morning and evening, with milk. J.P. Shankhpushpi - 2 tsf after meals. Massage his scalp with J.P. Keshkanchan Taila daily.

Weakness in Eyes and Irritation
Problem :
I am 28 years old. For past two years, I am facing a very typical kind of problem. Whether I am in sun or in a closed room, my eyes turn red and I feel a strange type of irritation. After some time, even the tears start flowing from my eyes. I have consulted several doctors, but no one has been able to provide me relief.

Solution :
It is not a very complicated problem so do not worry. Take Nayanmitra Tablet - 2 tabs, in the morning and evening with milk. Also, take J.P. Gem Forte Syrup - 2 tsf after meals. Apply J.P. Muktanjan in your eyes twice or thrice a day. I am sure your problem will be solved in no time. Take these medicines for 15 days and in case you feel relaxed continue for 60 days more.

Heart Problem
Problem :
I am 45-year-old man working as a Showroom Manager. Recently, I started facing a new kind of problem. With a bit of exertion, I start feeling uneasy and also feel pain and heaviness on the left side of my body. I do not get proper sleep at night and my heartbeats also become faster. Please advise me.

Solution :
You need to take Hridayshakti Capsule - 1, J.P. Sootshekhar Ras - 2 tabs, both in the morning and evening, with milk. You also need to take J.P. Gem Forte Syrup and Livo Syrup - 2 tsf each, after meals. In case you are suffering from constipation, take 2 tabs of Aarogya Vardhini Gutika at bedtime, at night only, with lukewarm water.

Severe Cold
Problem :
I am 30 years old. My problem is that for past 4 - 5 years, I am suffering from severe cold. Besides sneezing and constant flow, both the nostrils are choked. Because of cold, my appetite has reduced. Head feels heavy and problem of cough also develops. Please advise me treatment.
Advice :
It seems that you suffer from severe cold. Medicines recommended to be taken by you are as follows: Cough Nash Powder - 500 mg, in the morning and evening with honey. Tonsicon Tablet, Vedantak Tablet, Vimtone Tablet - 2 each, twice a day with lukewarm water or tea. J.P. Kasantak Cough Syrup and Livo Syrup - 2 tsp, each, after meals. J.P. Aaram Churna - 2 tsf at bedtime, at night only, with lukewarm water, daily. Instill 2-3 drops of J.P. Shadbindu Taila in the nostrils and take deep breaths. Consumption of Chapati, Pulses, Spinach, Fenugreek (Methi), Bathua, Bottle Gourd (Lauki), Snake Gourd (Parval), Khichri, Ginger Tea etc is highly beneficial for you. Pickles, chilled food items, those difficult to digest, Rabri, Cream, Fried Spicy eatables etc must be avoided by you to the maximum possible extent.

Emaciation and Weakness
Problem :
I am 18 years old youth & I am very weak and thin. Due to which I suffer from loss of memory and laziness. Please help me by suggesting proper treatment.
Advice :
Completely avoid intake of spicy, oily and sour products and take following medicines:
l J.P. Sootshekhar Ras, Vimtone Tablet - 2 each and RBC Plus capsule - 1 each, in the morning and evening, with milk.
l Smaran Capsule - 1 in the afternoon with water.
l J.P. Gem Forte Syrup - 2 tsp after meals.
l J.P. Aaram Churna - 2 tsf, with luke warm water, at night, at bedtime only, twice a week.

Prameha, Constipation and Dysuria
Query :
I am 26 years old. I have a painful discharge after urination. I feel slight pain in the abdomen and weakness. The problem increases manifold on the day when I have constipation. Other treatments have not benefited me.
Advice :
You need to take J.P. Sootshekhar Ras, Vimtone Tablet, Pramehantak Tablet and Shukra Shodhan Tablet, 2 each in the morning and night with milk. Jeriran Syrup - 2 tsp after meals. Take J.P. Aaram Churna - 3 tsf at bedtime with lukewarm water, at night, at bedtime only, daily. Massage with Pain Kill Oil is advisable twice a day, in case of pain. For desired results, practice Brahmacharya. Avoid Jaggery and eating sour food items like pickle, imli etc. Also, following vegetables should be avoided - Brinjal, Cauliflower, Potato, Beans, Tomato, etc.

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Acidity and Gastric Trouble
Problem : I am 23 years old young man. I have been noticing thick layer formation on my tongue. I am suffering from several problems like gastric trouble on empty stomach, burning sensation in chest & throat etc. All this has made my digestive system very weak and digestion process very slow. Please suggest me a suitable treatment and provide me relief.
Solution : Please stop eating Green-red Chili, sour and Vaata generating eatables and take following medication: J.P. Sootshekhar Ras - 3 tabs and Vimtone Tablet - 2 tabs in the morning and evening with milk. Take 2 tsp of Livo Syrup before meals. Aam Doshantak Capsule and Amlata Nashak Capsule - 1 each, after meals with water. Also, take J.P. Aaram Churna - 2 tsf at bedtime at night only with lukewarm water everyday. Ensure consumption of Ridge Gourd or Bottle Gourd in your meals everyday. Also, avoid spicy and oily food.

Dysuria and Burning Sensation during Urination
Sanjay Kumar, Panna, (M.P.)
Query : I am 26 yrs old. Since last 10 years, I am facing problem of intense burning while urinating, observed to be once or twice a month. This burning sensation lasts for four-five hours. Urine is light yellow in colour. For past three years, urine comes out in drops. Drops of urine come out even while movement of body takes place, while lifting objects and even while sneezing. Urination is not normal and I do not feel comfortable. I feel pain in nerves during sexual intercourse. When normal, there is no problem at all.
Solution : Take J.P. Sootshekhar Ras, Vimtone Tablet, J.P. Gokshuradi Gugglu, Pramehantak Tablet - 2 tablets each, morning and evening, with milk. Jeriran Syrup - 2 tsp after meals. J.P. Aaram Churna - 2 tsf with warm water, at night at bedtime only, thrice a week. Avoid spicy and oily food, pickles, imli, brinjal, cabbage, potato, beans, green chili, tomato and jaggery.

Mr. Neelam Singh, Paali (Rajasthan)
Problem : I am 26 year old. I experience a very severe pain in my leg from thigh upto the toe due to stretching of a nerve. I cannot stand on my left foot for a long time. I am suffering from this problem for past 3 - 4 years. All other modes of treatment have failed to provide me relief. So please suggest me a suitable cure for my problem.
Solution : Immediately stop eating Green-red Chili, sour and Vaata generating eatables and take following medication: J.P. Sootshekhar Ras - 3 tabs, Vimtone Tablet & Arthomove Tablet - 2 each and J.P. Vaatgajankush Ras - 1 tab in the morning and evening with milk. Take 1 RBC Plus Capsule in the afternoon with milk. Take Livo Syrup - 2 tsp and Vatantak Syrup - 2 tsp mixed with 2 tsp of lukewarm water after meals. Twice in a day, massage your waist and legs with Arthomove Oil very gently. In case of constipation, take J.P. Aaram Churna - 2 tsf with lukewarm water at bedtime at night only, twice a week.


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