Pregnant Lady Do's and Don'ts

                          With the development of a baby in the mother's womb, food requirement of mother-to-be increases manifold. If the pregnant lady does not fulfill the requirements by proper food consumption, demands of the system are met from the mother's body. This leads to weakening of the mother. It is absolutely essential that both mother and child should remain healthy so that growth and development of the baby in the womb is proper and health of the mother is not compromised. The pregnant lady should always bear in mind that she is eating not only for herself but for the unborn child too. She has to improve her diet accordingly as compared to her usual diet, additionally, intake of nutritious products becomes important. We mention here four kinds of diet, suitable for pregnant ladies, as per requirement of the body, to ensure proper health for mother and child both. Fruits Body obtains cellulose, acids and salts in the best combination through the intake of fruits. These substances are an absolute essential to keep the body fit and healthy. Vegetables Intake of various vegetables including leafy vegetables like spinach, are necessary as they supplement the requirements of iron, salt, proteins, vitamins and cellulose in the body. Milk It has proteins, minerals, vitamins and all those energetic micro-elements along with the right amount of calcium, the basic bone supporting constituent. Hence its regular intake is mandatory. It is rightly known as the complete food. For pregnant ladies, milk is the most important food. Cereals This is the most energy giving food, easily acceptable by the body. Mothers-to-be are required to take these aforementioned four types of food in apt proportion to fulfill their all requirements. Besides these, they should have honey, raisin, dates, butter, etc. Honey is always better instead of jelly and jam, not only because it is natural but it contains the proper mix of glucose, fructose, sucrose etc, the energy source. Within the framework of the four types of foods, the prospective combination of the minimum three meals of the day could be as follows - Ideal Breakfast 1. Fresh Fruits, some boiled and some raw. 2. Boiled Milk. 3. Cereals or Chapati or Bread etc. This diet is good when pregnant lady is compelled to avoid food for reasons of repeated vomiting and nausea condition. It is that period where breakfast could be simplified for the convenience. Fruits and juice should be taken one and a half-hour before the breakfast. Intake of boiled milk and toast is good for breakfast. Lunch and Dinner Lunch should be more or less similar to dinner. But more of fresh vegetables like ripe tomatoes, cucumbers, small amount of radish help a great deal. One must keep in mind that food should be taken in the right proportion since it will be supplemented with fruits and juices also. Small helpings taken more frequently during the day give higher benefits to one's system. It thus means that lunch can be split. Vegetables should replace fruits in dinner. These could be taken cooked or raw, depending on the kind. Seasonal vegetables must always be preferred. Protein containing substances like Paneer, Buttermilk, Curd, pulses, lentils etc should be part of the diet. Beans and pulses etc can be replaced with milk in the dinner. These are easily digestible and are storehouse of protein. Groundnuts are also a rich source of protein, however its excessive intake is best avoided. Chapatis can be supplemented with potatoes or rice. A small portion of sweets can be taken suiting to the liking. Women having poor digesting capacity must resort to simple food viz. fruits, milk, fruit- juices and toast for breakfast and vegetables, milk, paneer, buttermilk, peas, pulses, beans, rice and chapati for lunch. Dinner could include fruits, cereals, milk, dates and honey. Intake of warm milk is very strongly advisable at bedtime. Increase in the weight of the pregnant lady is natural during this period. According to norms, weight increase should be 1/13th of total body weight. But if the increase exceeds this proportion, then the quantity of fruits and juices should be increased and consumption of buttermilk, butter, cheese could be reduced. Pregnant lady should take diet in a just proportion to avoid any complication so that she is able to deliver a healthy baby.