When women say no to sex

                          Physically and mentally, woman is different from man and hence the parameters to judge impotency in them are also completely different. It is incorrect to use the term "Impotency" for women, since women are not impotent in the terms men are. Instead of impotency, women have a decline in their sexual desire. Social rituals, values, norms, concepts, family atmosphere, superstitions and education level, all intermingle while one is looking for the causatives of decline in sexual interest among women. Often the uneducated ones consider giving birth to male heir as the reason for sex. They believe that continuance of lineage is the sole objective. Others nurture a taboo that their menfolk would loose energy, if they indulge in excessive sex. But most of the time, it so happens that women get so involved in household chores that they completely forget themselves and their natural desires. Excessive mental tension and family worries make them disinterested in sexual acts. This tendency is far too high in working women. It is at this juncture, men start feeling that their wives are unresponsive to their desires. Few other causatives for decline of sexual interest in women are irregular eating habit, anger, tension, worries, insomnia, suppressing desires, masturbation, excessive intercourse, abnormal bleeding during periods, white discharge, irregularity of periods, several abortions, small size of breasts, injury or infection in genital area, physical weakness, obesity, early menopause, weakness in men, early ejaculation, prolonged involvement in religious atmosphere, general hatred for sexual process, falling victim to forceful sex and rape. Women having such problems try to avoid men to maximum possible extent. Sometimes the problem of frigidity and unresponsiveness increases to such an extent that it results in divorce. Women, who develop detachment from sexual desires, do not get aroused even after sincere efforts of men. If the male persists with his indulgence, he does not enjoy the act without the involvement of the female and feels frustrated. Symptoms The commencement of menstruation and development of breasts in ladies are indication of active sexual life in them. As there are physical changes in women, her sexual desires get intensified, but if they have weak physique, delay in arousal is normal. When women enter menopause phase, there is a gradual and normal decline in their sexual activity. Abnormal situations are also common in our society. Detachment from sexual intercourse and lack of sexual power are the main symptoms under such situations. But this is the last stage of sexual disinterest. If the causatives are treated well in time then the problem would not get intensified. An important factor of the treatment process is promptness of treatment since if a woman starts avoiding sexual intercourse and continues to do so for long duration, then her turning normal becomes a very difficult condition and gradually, she gets detached completely. Treatment The basic requirement during treatment of declining sexual desire among women is education. Only an educated female can abide by the norms of Kama Shastra. Education also assists in eroding the misconceptions and superstitions related to sex. Education in this context does not connote degrees obtained from colleges, but education in the practical aspects of life. Education basically assists in physical, mental, social, economic and spiritual development of women. The process of change and development in women are different from those of men. Changes that take place among women are significant, so much visible to be missed out and prepare them for the most important event of humanity - motherhood. A woman is any day stronger than a man, this is how nature has made her and this aspect needs to be emphasised. It is at this critical juncture that women need to be educated about sex - not merely as the process of interaction with the opposite sex but also, and most significantly, as the process of procreation. Sex education will assist them greatly to decide the correct future course of action. It is noteworthy that lack of proper education has been a major causative of ruining the lives of many females. Only educated women are able to co-ordinate properly between family and society and ensure correct progress of family. To the extent the anatomy is concerned and on a very personal plane, women are able to express the need of their sexual desires to their husbands only when cordial atmosphere prevails. By implication, non-prevalence of conducive conditions are causatives of women’s disinterest towards sex. Many women suffer from a decline and disinterest in Kaama for a variety of reasons, including those cited herein. These can be appropriately treated through simple procedures in Ayurveda. Do's Take a balanced diet including seasonal fruits & vegetables. Try doing simple exercises daily. Don’ts Avoid spicy, oily food. Acidic, sour and kapha-causing food should be avoided. Do not sleep during the day. Avoid late nights. Avoid loosing temper.